Wednesday, January 09, 2013

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Index for refWrite blogsystem

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refWrite Frontpage (refWrite-experimentalrW1::  featuring hot news on politics (Politicarp), economics (EconoMix), juridics (Lawt) -- usually articles selected from the 24/7 cycle, and often responded to, or analyzed in detail, or commented upon, with verve … latest Uzbekisten's totalitarian practices in the schools, in the cotton fields, in the mosques, churches, and knigdom halls ...  and  Japan's proposed revision of its postwar Constitution — human rights? anti-War clause?  and UK Prime Minister David Cameron — long term agenda and some ram-it-thru provisions alientating Conservative Party members

refWrite page 2 (refWrite...page2 rW2:  pisteutics, Christianity/ies, other faiths worldwide, morals, moralities, moral communities, moralviews, mores, ethics (a science and a modal science that pertains to intimate unions, marriage, family, friendship, and even the moral qualifying factor of labour unions), education and formation (including spiritual formation), psychotherapy, science/s including natural sciences especially (Owlb)  latest  Marks of an Ideal Church  and Philippines overpopulation brings out bad attidue of priests, say RC law scholar and Church of Scientology, yet another exposé, yawn.

refWrite page 3  (refWrite...page3rW3: academics, reformational scholarship, evolution and Intelligent Design (Owlb)

refWrite Backpage (refWrite backpagerW4: arts, music (Musikos, Country Gal and others), sports (Sportikos), technics (Technowlb) -- includes entertainment, movies (Movie-Man), satire and humour (Saturikos) -- and other newspotters, analysts, and columnists latest Sports — Hockey (NHL) and sports journos   and Technics −- hacktivists shock-exploits 2012 and Movies (2) LIfe of PI, also Cartoon animation by pioneer Max Fleischer

refWrite refBlogger Insert (refWrite refBloggers InsertrW5:  anti-censorship by govts, Google, Facebook, Pinterest, and the usual culprits; news and advocacy on behalf of freedom of speech, freedom of news media, freedom of artistic and other expression including the key hub-freedom of religion and inter-religions dialogue (insert this page in your own blog!) latest and and

refWrite Calendar (January 2013 anno dominirW6: a series of monthly blog entries, page by page, month by month, choose a month and scrolldown in the month you are interested in, at the moment -- events among reformational community and friends worldwide, also Business & Human Rights events, sports events now and longterm, some entertainment events, some tech events, and lots more ….

refWrite page 7 (Christian Medical Observations & RuminationsrW7:  Christian Medical Observations & Ruminations  CMO&R latest:  Sleep apnea  and North Korea's deceased leader Kim Jong-Il 'died in a fit of rage'

refWrite page 8 (Christian Labour AdvocateChristian Labour AdvocaterW8:  Christian Labour Advocate

refWrite page 9 (Books mostly ...rW9 -- many titles arranged according to blog-entires by topic or news developments in various fields like economics (I keep including new blog entries on new topics and book lists proffered from others -- includes  some fiction, some poem books, lots of theology ,,,


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