Thursday, June 28, 2012

Poems: Israeli Poet: English meaning unknown? Well, it's beautiful just as it sits on the page ....

Who is this poet?  

Anybody know his name?

How to spell it in an
English-friendly alphabetic script?

Does anyone have an off-the-cuff translation
of this poem (see below) from today's Hebrew
into today's English of some sort.

Please send it to the comment system
(see bottom of this page).  Our thanks!
May we credit you in the documentation
of this poem moving
into English translation.

In the meantime, I'll have to ask Igor in Belo Horizonte
what this poetic text in Hebrew woud, perhaps, say in English!  

I wonder if Google's Translator can read the Hebrew right-to-left,
yet render it in English from left-to-right, as usual for us 
English-Only-Speakers / Readers (EOAS/R).

Owlb, for Albert Gedraitis,
     Poetica Reformata orgo(nizer)
     who took a fancy to this script
     (see below) in the Hebrew alphabet
     just seeing it sit there on the digital page ...

יוֹם קַיִץ/דָוִיד סָמוּכָה-דּוּדִּי

on Wednesday, June 27, 2012 at 2:25pm ·


יוֹם קַיִץ/דָוִיד סָמוּכָה-דּוּדִּי

יוֹם קַיִץ חַמִּים,
הַשֶּׁמֶשׁ בְּרוֹם.
עִם בִּתִּי נָסַעְתִּי,
לְיָם הַכָּחֹל.

יַחַד שִׂחַקְנוּ,
הִשְׁתַּכְשַׁכְנוּ בְּגַלִּים.
עַל הַחוֹף פָּסַעְנוּ,
אָסַפְנוּ צְדָפִים.

מֵהַחוֹל הַזָּהוּב,
בָּנִינוּ אַרְמוֹנוֹת.
עִם חַלּוֹנוֹת וּדְלָתוֹת,
חוֹמָה וּקְשָׁתוֹת.

לְפֶתַע פִּתְאֹם,
בָּא גַּל גָּדוֹל.
הָאַרְמוֹן שֶׁלָּנוּ,
חָזַר לִהְיוֹת חוֹל.

נִפְרַדְנוּ מֵהַיָּם,
עֲיֵפִים וּמֵרוֹצִים.
כָּךְ הִסְתַּיֵּם לוֹ,
יוֹם קַיִץ חַמִּים..

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Music: Saharan band: Tinariwen continues its singular contribution to today's sound

Tuareg-originated music group comes back to Europe from the USA for a summer tour thru Europe.  The roster of gigs include shows in Netherlands, Belgium, France, Switzerland, Nor4way, Italy, Sweden, and one in Lebanon.   Here are Tinariwen's venues.


28.06 Nijmegen, NL – Goffertpark w/ Red Hot Chili Peppers
29.06 Brussels, BE – Festival Couleur Café
30.06 Paris, FR - Stade de France w/ Red Hot Chili Peppers
01.07 Niort, FR
03.07 Bern, CH - Stade de Suisse w/ Red Hot Chili Peppers
04.07 Cluses, FR
05.07 Kongsberg, NO
07.07 Sète, FR - Worlwide Fest
08.07 Bologna, IT - Tuareg Fest
10.07 Nice, FR - Nice Jazz Festival
15.07 Tours, FR - Festival Terres du Son
21.07 Goteburg, SE - Clandestino Fest
23.07 Lyon, FR - Nuits de Fourvière
25.07 Byblos, LB - Byblos Fest
27.07 Tulles, FR - Festival les Sédières
01.08 Geneva, CH
04.08 Stockholm, SE - Stockholm Jazz Fest
05.08 Dranouter, BE - Dranouter Fest

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Technics: Social TV: Dirtectory of Companies active in the field

As digital technology proliferates, personal-computer consumers have profliferating opportunities, hazards, and challenges.  This is the best recent survey of the players in this zone online.

Anne Marie Roussel on the edge of digital culture (Jun27,2k12)

Social TV Companies

Welcome to Lost Remote’s growing directory of social TV startups and a few more established companies with social TV products, sponsored by GetGlue. Not only is this the most comprehensive directory you’ll find online, it’s also an archive: click the company name (when available) for prior coverage spanning product announcements and interviews to investment news.
Green companies have been acquired, red companies have closed down. Please let us know if we’re missing a company by emailing tips[at]
Lost Remote (Jun27,2k12)
— reposted here by Technowlb, refWrite Backpage Tech columnist and reviewer

Company NewsWebsiteProduct
ACTV8.meACTV8.meSecond screen platform
AereoAereo.comLocal live TV streaming service
AirtimeAirtime.comVideo social network
Angry BytesTwo-Screen.comSecond screen platform
AppleApple.comTech company (iPads, iPhones, Apple TV)
ApplicasterApplicaster.comSecond screen platform and video management
ArktanArktan.comReal-time social conversations platform
AsYouWishAsYouWish.esSecond-screen platform and app development
Audible MagicAudibleMagic.comAutomatic content recognition
AxonistaAxonista.comAudience engagement platform and app development
Bee.tvBee.tvSocial TV recommendation engine
BipopBipop.itCommunity platform and marketing tools
Bluefin LabsBluefinLabs.comSocial TV data and analysis
BuddyTVBuddyTV.comSocial program guide and community
CivolutionCivolution.comAutomatic content recognition and management
Clicker (CBS)Clicker.comSocial program guide and community
ClipSyncClipSync.comSocial TV conversation and sharing platform
ConnecTVConnecTV.comSecond screen platform
CouchfunkCouchFunk.deTV check-in app and second screen community
Cover It LiveCoverItLive.comReal-time social conversations platform
Crimson HexagonCrimsonHexagon.comSocial media data and analysis
DijitDijit.comSocial program guide and universal remote
EchoAboutEcho.comReal-time social conversations platform
FacebookFacebook.comSocial network and platform
FanhattanFanhattan.comSocial program guide for TV and movies
Fans.tvFans.tvSocial TV program guide and conversations platform
FanatixFanatix.comSocial messaging platform for sports fans
FantuitionFantuition.comSocial prediction game for reality TV and sports (TVGuide)TVGuide.comSocial program guide (folded into TVGuide)
FlingoFlingo.tvSocial TV app platform for smart TVs
Function XFunctionXinc.comSocial TV loyalty platform (parent of Viggle and Loyalize)
GetGlueGetGlue.comTV check-in app and second screen community
HuluHulu.comOnline video service
iBubblriBubblr.comConversation and curation platform
i.TVi.tvSecond screen platform
IntoNow (Yahoo)IntoNow.comSecond screen app and community
JinniJinni.comSemantic taste & mood discovery engine
KIT DigitalKITd.comVideo asset management and social video platform
Lost RemoteLostRemote.comSocial TV industry coverage, resources and jobs
Loyalize (Function X)Loyalize.comSecond screen loyalty platform
MatchaMatcha.tvSocial program guide and community
Mass RelevanceMassRelevance.comSocial curation and integration platform
MisoGoMiso.comTV check-in app and second screen platform
MufinMufin.comAutomatic content recognition
Networked InsightsNetworkedInsights.comSocial TV data analysis and media planning screen platform
NetflixNetflix.comOnline video service
Never.noNever.noSocial TV and second screen platform
NumoteNumote.comSecond screen platform
OneUp Games1up.meSecond screen gaming apps for sports
PeelPeel.comSecond screen platform and universal remote
Philo (LocalResponse)PlayPhilo.comTV check-in app (folded into LocalResponse)
PlayUpiPlayup.comSecond screen sports experience with live hangouts recognition and rewards app
PrePlay SportsPrePlaySports.comPredictive gaming platform that ties to live TV
ScribbleLiveScribbleLive.comReal-time social conversation platform
ScreenTribeScreenTribe.comSocial TV community and loyalty program
Second Screen NetworksSecondScreen.comSecond screen advertising platform
SecondSyncSecondSync.comSocial TV data and analysis (UK)
ShazamShazam.comTV tagging and content discovery app
ShowcasterShowcaster.comSocial live video provider for web and devices
SimulmediaSimulmedia.comReal-time TV viewing data and ad targeting
SocialGuideSocialGuide.comSocial TV data, analysis and program guide
Social SambaSocialSamba.comSocial storytelling platform for fan fiction
SofanaticsSofanatics.comSecond screen service for sports fans
SnappyTVSnappyTV.comReal-time social sharing service for video
SqurlSqurl.comSocial video discovery app
StatsForce.TVStatsForce.tvSocial TV data and analysis
TapcastTapcast.tvSecond screen platform
TellybugTellybug.comSecond screen platform
TomorrowishTomorrowish.comSocial media integration and time-delayed playback
TrendrrTrendrr.tvSocial TV data and analysis
TunedInGetTuned.inSocial program guide and second-screen app
Tunerfish (Comcast)Tunerfish.comTV check-in app and community
TVBuzzTVBuzz.nlSocial programming guide (owned by UPC)
TVCheckOrange.comTV check-in app owned by Orange (France Telecom)
TV DinnerTV-Dinner.comSecond screen social gaming app
TVGuideTVGuide.comSocial programming guide and community
TVPlusTVPlus.comSecond screen platform
TVTakTVTak.comAutomatic content recognition
TVTweetTVtweet.frSocial TV data and analysis
Tweek.tvTweek.tvSocial program guide
TweetTVTweetTV.comSocial program guide and community
TwitterTwitter.comSocial network and platform
UmamiUmami.comSecond screen platform
ViggleViggle.comSecond screen loyalty app (owned by Function X)
VisiwareVisiware.comSecond screen platform and tools
WatchitooWatchitoo.comSocial live video streaming and chat
XboxXbox.comLiving room entertainment hub and community
Yap.TVYap.tvSecond screen platform and social program guide
YouNowYouNow.comSocial TV video network
YouTooYouToo.comLive reality TV network
VidpressoVidpresso.comOn-air social media curation tool
Zap2ItZap2It.comSocial program guide and community
ZapitanoZapitano.deSecond screen app and community
ZeeboxZeebox.comSecond screen app and community
If we’ve missed a company, please email us at tips[at]