Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Music: Blog entry: Frank Viola puts himself out to the Disconsolate, and stirs our hearts ... it's a gift

Hat Tip to Frank Viola

Franks's blog entry today "Blessed are the undesirable" Beyond Evangelical, a reprise from Jan2,2k13. Frank has found a vocation of risk-taking dialogue.  He writes books, but he first wants to know what he's talking about.

Unless you’re new to the blog, you are aware that my focus in ministry in 2012 has been exclusively on two things: 
* In writing and study, it’s been on historical Jesus studies, Christology, and apologetics. My book Jesus: A Theography and my Answers to Skeptics series are two fruits of that effort. 
* In practical ministry, it’s been a complete focus on developing relationships with non-Christians (some of whom are agnostics and atheists) on the one hand, and walking along side of and aiding the poor and the afflicted on the other. For that reason, I spend very little time on the Internet these days. 
I’d like to share a few words about the latter. 
At this moment, I have in mind the faces of the poor and afflicted whom I’ve worked with in 2012 and will continue to, God willing, this year.
There's more, and I recommend you tarry with him to his conclusion.   Today, Frank Viola stirred my heart, again.  Look him up, and maybe his blog-entry today will stir yours as well.  Frank attached this Beatles song to his post.  Eleanor Rigby lyrics version.

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YouTube (Jan15,2k13)

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