Monday, January 21, 2013

Movies: Bourne Legacy star: Jeremy Renny says 'Guns don't kill people, people kill people' I own guns

It's hackneyed, but it's still the best one-liner around on that side of the issue.  It seems Jeremy Renner wavered in allegiance to his side, and now suggests others bent a non-commital Demand a Plan move of the Mayors Against Illegal Guns into a total ban-guns crusade.  Jeremy, haven't you figured it out yet, that's what politicians, and mayors are politicians, will do every time.  Stick to your guns, and keep your fans, it's as simple as that.  If you continue to waver, many of us will get fatigued with the style you're dancing — whatever we think about gun control — because you in that case woud turn out to be just another politically-slick Hollywood celeb.

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Bourne Legacy star says, 

‘Guns Don’t Kill People, People Kill People’

January 21, 2013
jeremy renner
Actor Jeremy Renner poses during a photo call to present the movie "The Bourne Legacy", in Rome, Monday, July 17, 2012. (AP Photo)
Jeremy Renner, star of the action film The Bourne Legacy, released a statement on his personal website declaring that “guns don’t kill people, people kill people,” and saying that banning guns is not the answer to gun violence.
“Taking guns from people is no answer. I own guns and want to keep it that way. But guns don’t kill people… people kill people. Blaming movies or video games is no actionable solution,” Renner wrote January 16.
Renner, one of the Hollywood actors who participated in the "Demand a Plan" public service announcement that called for public action to “demand a plan” to address gun violence in the wake of the Sandyhook school shooting, issued his statement after appearing in a star-studded video funded by anti-gun group Mayors Against Illegal Guns.
Renner said that he wasn’t calling for gun control necessarily, just for some kind of public response.
“I’m saddened by those that misinterpret the 'Demand a Plan' PSA I participated in. In short, we asked our leaders for a plan, hence,' Demand a Plan,' and it’s most certainly not stripping us of our rights as Americans; that is absolutely asinine.”
Instead, Renner said that preventing violence should begin at home, with better parenting and more attention paid to childhood development.
“I believe our salvation begins in each of our homes. It starts with parenting, which has become increasingly more challenging in recent years,” Renner wrote.
“In a communication age where technology is growing at a much faster rate than we can truly understand, our youth has available to them more information and access to pretty much everything before they are socially and mentally matured. Our children need to be attended to with even greater care.”


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