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Music: Walk Off The Earth: WOTE sings Taylor Swift's 'I knew you were trouble' in a beatbox version featuring

Wow!  Don't you dare miss this one!  It uses Taylor Swfit's lyrics to her recent song, 'I knew you were trouble' and in-capella makes a version that is truly Walk Off The Earth's very own.  Jumping from the irony of Swift's theme, these performers take you definitely into a comic zone. Enjoy!

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P.S. You may have to search around for WOTE piece using Swift's lyrics, it seems I got locked into a YouTube playlist, and you never know where it will start.  The piece I'm after has KRNFX (Terry Im) as its cover.  And 'I knew you were trouble" as its title.  But enjoy everything on the playlist as it comes along, just don't sign onto the playlist as such — or you might get locked into it, as I seem to have done.


One part folk-pop, one part sketch group, and one part quirky musical experimenters, Canadian band Walk Off the Earth formed in 2006 in Burlington, Ontario, Canada. Made up of multi-instrumentalists, tho in the TaylorSwift-lyrics piece they sing a-capella, Ryan Marshall, Gianni Luminati, Mike Taylor, Joel Cassady, and Sarah Nicole Blackwood, the band has become known for its innovative cover songs, which feature the group members trading instruments with one another midsong or elaborate one-take performances where the song is built piece by piece by a single member playing every instrument. Though Walk Off the Earth have released two albums, 2007's Smooth Like Stone on a Beach and 2010's My Rock, their real success would come by way of YouTube, where the band had been steadily building a fan base with covers of Adele, B.o.B, and fellow Internet celebrities the Gregory Brothers. The group started to take off in 2012 after its cover of Gotye's "Somebody That I Used to Know," performed by all the bandmembers simultaneously playing one guitar, received 70 million views in two months, earning Walk Off the Earth not only praise from the original artist, but a contract with Columbia Records.

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Taylor Swift photo courtesy of Big Machine Label Group.

First it was a 50-piece rock n’roll Israeli children’s choir covering Taylor Swift’s “I Knew You Were Trouble.” Now, a Canadian-based quintet, Walk Off The Earth, has offered up their a cappella-Beatbox version of the hit song. The group enlisted beatboxer KRNFX for the cover and their video has received well over a million views since being uploaded to YouTube on January 1.

Wall Off The Earth’s cover Gotye’s “Somebody That I Used To Know” recently created quite a buzz on YouTube, earning more than 35 million views in less  than two weeks. The group’s new EP, R.E.V.O. is available now.

YouTube (Jan4,2k13)


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