It was a big night last night with men’s swimming and the beginning of men’s gymnastics.
As men’s gymnastics teams got started, the US was happy to see their men make it to the men’s finals, but one of the big stories of the night was the stumbles of the most prominent male gymnast in the world Japan’s “Superman” Kohei Uchimura.  Uchimura had a 41% increase in mentions yesterday from his performance in the preliminary male gymnastics competition.  He did make it to the all-around finals, so expect more attention there.
The biggest story in the US, however, was the first showdown of Ryan Lochte and the 2008 Olympic champion Michael Phelps.  The global time delays on coverage flattened the spikes, but the social world tracked the results of the race – Lochte and Phelps went back and forth on social buzz but Lochte was consistently ahead.
The most interesting battle may be on which platform supported each swimmer.  Lochte won in sharing (on the left, below) on Twitter, while Phelps triumphed in sharing on Facebook.
In his first big story of these Games, Ryan Lochte had a wide range of topics under scrutiny, which can be seen in this word cloud.  Physically, he is getting looks at his height, his teeth, and his sneakers; and on his story, people care about his biography, twitter coverage, and the Florida Gators.
There was also an upset in archery that generated buzz in the US.  The US team upset South Korea today in the team semis and went on to win Silver.
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