Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Literary Arts: Writers, poets, storytellers: Meet me at the Tequila Bar in Santiago, Chile

A great literary event will transpire on Friday at the Tequila Bar in Santiago, Chile.  Be there!

Machine Translation by Google Translate:  This Friday January 11 we began with the last project cycle  of LDDS readings. After four years and over 100 lectures and 300 writers we will dismiss the project that started with a wonderful selection of authors, poets and storytellers, giving us the pleasure to finish properly.

For this first session we will be breaking open the event on Friday with John Paul Sutherland, Gonzalo David, Paul Mackenna, Christian Gomez and Carmen Berenguer in our new home the Tequila Bar (Irarrázabal 040, near the corner of Vicuña) and afer 21 hours we'll get together again to celebrate the rock readings of Santiago de Chile.

With the support of the Citizen in the dissemination, and Reading Citizen went on the air by the livestream for everyone.

Meet me on Friday when this starts, and then finishes in the best way possible.
Súmate, Spread, Paste, Dale and I like going.

History LDDS 2013.

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