Monday, January 07, 2013

Sports: Football pro: Seahawks (24) vs Redskins (14)

What's there to say for the Redskins of Washington DC? ... altho I wavered when I read up on Marshawn Lynch, another hero but not flashy, seeing Griffin3 on the ground just hurts and re-energizes my loyalty to the Redskins.  So there ya' go!  Next week I will be rooting for the Seahawks against Atlanta's Falcons.

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Washington Post (Jan7,2k13)
by Cindy Boren

Seahawks (24) vs. Redskins (14): 

"We'll be ready to get dessert next year."

RGIII put it perfectly:  It’s one thing to lose to the Seattle Seahawks in the playoffs, but this loss stings with Robert Griffin III going into the offseason awaiting news of just how badly he had re-injured his right knee. The good news is that he was walking without a limp and easily climbed steps to the podium in the media room. The better news? The 2013 season can’t come quickly enough.
“I just wanted to say to the fans … in D.C. and across the nation, they’ve been great for us, cheering us on. At away games they show up in the masses and at home they really made it feel like a home-field advantage. We said this when I was in college, ‘We got a chance to sit at the dinner table and experience success and it was a good meal. But now we want to go back to get dessert.’ We’ll be ready to get dessert next year.”
With that, he exited the stage and so does the Live Blog. We’ll be on the Insider starting tomorrow and on The Early Lead and we’ll looking forward to talking to you there. The NFL draft is just around the corner.

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