Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Video: On the trail of Fairtrade cotton: A world organization buys from self-organized farmers-workers

This educational video is about the supply chain, from grower's coops in Africa thru entry of their commodity into the world market -- all at a fairer price than otherwise can be gained.

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Fairtrade video

On the Trail of Fairtrade Cotton from Fairtrade International on Vimeo.

Video: Scourge of NTDs: Neglected Tropical Diseases are now fully targetted by business and World Health Organization

There's another blog, Christian Medical Observations and Ruminations, that a friend edits.  They've taken on learning about the billion-victim Neglected Tropical Diseases (NTDs) and are joining as a supporting organization the World Health Org's campaign against 17 NTDs, supported by major pharmaceutical companies, Business and Human Rights, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and thousands ordinary folks like us.  God bless 'em, YouTube now has a set of videos on the NTDs, gruesome as they are, they're must viewing!  This subject matter shoud be tawt in schools — not just public schools, but Christian and Jewish and Muslim schools too.  A hi proportion of the world's doctor's and nurse's (compared to the relative sizes of such schools to the given student population in, say, North America) seem to come from these sources — and it's obvious the world — our world — God's world — is going to need young new medicos with the mettle to rise to the needs of the more than a billion sufferers of this select menu of illnesses.  This video is from Kenya.

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YouTube (Jan30,2k13)

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Sports: NHL Hockey: For both cellar dwellers the outlook is grim

Grim outlook, but one of these teams has to win, correct?

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Leafs on the road in Buffalo tonite

Tuesday, 29.01.2013 / 10:01 AM / News

MAPLE LEAFS Toronto (2-3-0) at SABRES Buffalo (2-3-0)


Season series: Despite it being early in the season, this is the second meeting between the Toronto Maple Leafs and the Buffalo Sabres. Buffalo went into the Air Canada Centre for its second game of the season on Jan. 21 and left with a 2-1 win.

Big story: With both Toronto and Buffalo coming off tough road losses, the game Tuesday night is a big opportunity to build some positive momentum and climb out of the place both teams are currently sitting -- the Northeast Division cellar.

Team Scope:

Maple Leafs: In their last game the Maple Leafs appeared headed to a second impressive win in three games after taking a 2-0 first-period lead against the New York Rangers at Madison Square Garden. After the opening 20 minutes, however, things stalled out significantly for Toronto. The Leafs managed just 17 shots on goal over the course of the entire game while giving up 42 shots on net and they were eventually victims of a Rangers comeback that was punctuated by a four-goal third period. That the loss came on the heels of 7-4 loss at home against the New York Islanders made the blown lead a tough pill to swallow, particularly considering that just three nights before their loss to the Rangers, the Maple Leafs had spoiled the Pittsburgh Penguins' home opener with a stunning 5-2 victory.

The loss to the Rangers was a particularly rough night for netminder James Reimer, who had an opportunity to grab the reins of Toronto's unsettled goalie situation after Ben Scrivens was pulled from the loss to the Islanders two nights earlier. If the Maple Leafs can manage to get solid play on the back end, however, they could wind up surprisingly opponents. With 11 goals in the last three games, it would appear the offense is not the problem.

Sabres: Buffalo might have been among the most impressive teams in the League in its season opener. On the strength of Thomas Vanek's five-point outburst, the Sabres trounced the Flyers 5-2 for a statement victory and knocked off the Maple Leafs in Toronto a day later to open 2012-13 at 2-0-0. Since then, however, the Sabres have hit the skids. Not only has Vanek missed time due to a muscle strain, but the team is now mired in a three-game losing streak after getting swept in a home-and-home against the Carolina Hurricanes and suffering a 3-2 loss to the previously-winless Washington Capitals this past Sunday.

Perhaps more forboding is the Sabres' lackluster offense of late. Since its season-opening win over Philadelphia, Buffalo has averaged just two goals per game while surrendering an average of 2.50 goals per game over the same stretch. If the Sabres' don't turn it around soon, things could be get out of hand very quickly. Buffalo doesn't have more than one day off at a time until Feb. 13 and 14, meaning there is little time for the players to catch their breath if the team starts to slide.

Who's hot: The Sabres' loss to the Capitals Sunday was the first time this season Jason Pominville failed to register a point, but he is still off to a strong start with three goals and five assists through five games this season. ...Mikhail Grabovski has scored a goal in each of the last three games for Toronto and added two assists over that span for good measure, while Nazem Kadri has quietly put up five points in five games this season.

Injury report: Thomas Vanek (lower-body injury) is considered probable for Buffalo Tuesday. The Maple Leafs, who recently lost Joffrey Lupul for six weeks with a broken forearm, may also be without Clarke MacArthur (lacerated finger), who is considered questionable.

Monday, January 28, 2013

Video: Frontpage story: Fire in Brasil niteclub

Brasil niteclub fire traps most of 2,000 college, students death toll above 200

Technics: Free foto-editing: 4 + 5 apps to make foto-editing cheaper and to retain quality

I gathered the offerings of two autorities in the field of altnerative foto-editing apps (alternative to the very expensive Photoshop).  First, is Nancy Messieh (4 of her selections), and, second, is  Taty (6 selections).  I'm hoping to try some of these out, and you may hear of my results  — if I like them!

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Crop, Retouch, Fill, And Create New Images With These 4 Online Photo Editors

free online photo editorsWhile there is simply no comparing robust photo editors like Photoshop or Gimp to online alternatives, sometimes a simple online tool is all you need to get the job done. Whether it’s content aware cropping and filling, applying filters and textures, or even doing a little bit more Photoshop-like tasks like using a cloning stamp, there’s a wide array of online tools that will get the job done, and for free.
We’ve put together a list of four online tools that should be in the arsenal of any photographer, designer, or blogger, making it easy to get basic photo editing tasks done on the fly, and in some cases, even on your mobile phone. In no particular order, here they are.


Content Aware Cropping with Croppola

If you’re looking for the perfect way to crop your photos online, look no further than Croppola.
The free online service goes beyond giving users a way to simply crop images. Croppola provides users with content aware cropping, meaning that it will suggest, based on your image, how it should be cropped.
Upload your image to Croppola, and choose the dimensions of your new cropped image – the options include maintaining the image’s aspect ratio, square, 4:3, 3:2, 16:9 and more. It even has a setting to crop an image to the Facebook timeline’s cover photo.
free online photo editors
After choosing the crop, you can download the cropped image to your computer.
With Croppola, you can crop multiple images on the website, and download them all as a zipped file. Find out more about Croppola here.


Content Aware Filling with WebInPaint

While Photoshop offers users a great content-aware filling feature, not everyone can afford Photoshop. If you want to use the feature online, give WebInPaint a try. The free service allows users to upload images to the website. Simple swipe over the parts of the picture that you want removed, and WebInPaint will do the rest.
For a free, online service, WebInPaint works surprisingly well. We tested the service with busy photos filled with distractions that we wanted removed, we tried it with simple images, removing just one element, we tried it with black and white photos and color, and in all situations, it was able to successfully remove the parts of the image we didn’t want. An example can be seen below. Before putting the image in WebInPaint it looked like this:
free photo editors
And after removing one element from the photo, this is what it looked like:
[Notice the anti-Christian religious prejudice in removing a Sign of the Cross from what's probably a monastic encrypted to tomb!  AG]
free photo editors


Robust Photoshop Features with Pixlr

If you’re looking for an all-in-one online photo editor, Pixlr is one of the most robust options out there. We’re also big fans of the fact that it looks and feels a lot like Photoshop, making it pretty easy to use. You can upload images directly to the site, or even just import an online image using the direct link to the JPEG. Another great feature that Pixlr offers users is the ability to create new images with transparent backgrounds, so you can create PNG logos without having to worry about having access to Photoshop.
free photo editors
Pixlr is packed with basic and advanced editing features – from cropping and resizing to a clone stamp, magic wand, layer,s and much more. Pixlr is also available as a mobile app.


Apply Filters with PicMonkey

With an Instagram-led obsession with filters, no online photo editors list would be complete without at least one option which gives users access to lovely vintage filters. PicMonkeydefinitely fits the bill with a ton of filters to choose from. Not all of them are available for free however, with some features limited to paying members. A membership will set you back $4.99 a month.
free online photo editors
Other than adding filters, PicMonkey also provides users with basic photo editing features, retouching, adding text, frames and textures to images, and more. Find out more about PicMonkey in our in-depth review here.

5 Free Alternatives to Photoshop You Should Try

Paint.NET Free Download Download the New Paint.NET Version. Fast Download. Get Paint.NET Free!

Free Image Editor Download free software to edit photos add effects on Windows.
free alternatives to adobe photoshopWith digital photography largely taking over traditional film photography’s place, it has become more and more important to have an image editing software. The king of kings is, of course, Photoshop, but with a price tag of $699 for the full version, many started to wonder if there aren’t free options around that could do the same things Photoshop does. 
What program you need depends largely on what you will use it for. We’ve previously published a list of free alternatives to Adobe Photoshop which are under 2MB. Today, we’ll be looking at a couple more, very capable, great Photoshop alternatives.


Paint.NET is a program rich in features, tutorials and with a supportive community to help most new users through their learning curve and issues. Paint.NET started development as an undergraduate college senior design project mentored by Microsoft which was meant to substitute Microsoft Paint, and is currently being maintained by some of the alumni that originally worked on it. It has a large number of buttons that are exactly like Photoshop and an equal number of Photoshop features, which makes it a very strong candidate as a substitute for those looking for a Photoshop like program. I dare say that most of what can be done in Photoshop can be duplicated using Paint.NET.
free alternatives to adobe photoshop


GIMP is, without a doubt a very capable image editing software with many of the same features as Photoshop. And if you require a program that allows you to create several layers, manipulate individual parts of the picture, create filters and tools and work with a variety of formats, including most Photoshop native formats, such as PSD; then GIMP is the right program for you.
Mobile Apps Find more sources/options for what your looking for

Free Photo Editor Collage Maker Info. Access 10 Search Engines At Once.

Mac Deleted File Recovery Recover Lost, Deleted Files on Mac. Follow the Simple Instructions…

Photo Retouching Remove dust, cracks from old photos black and white or color for $75
For those who have used Photoshop before, the interface will seem reasonably familiar, with many of the buttons having the same name and being in similar places on the interface. For those who have never used advanced image editing software before, GIMP has a very comprehensive list of tutorials, from beginner to advanced level which can be found atGIMP’s Documentation page. Or you could just take a look at these 5 Websites To Learn GIMP Online.
photoshop alternatives


PhotoScape is built to be user-friendly, with an intuitive choice of projects to select from, which vary from image editing and GIF creation to a wizard to combine pictures together or take screenshots. It certainly does not have as many features as Photoshop does, but can do, with a single click or two, many of the same things it would take a Photoshop user several clicks to do.
photoshop alternatives

VCW VicMan’s Photo Editor

VCW comes bundled with optional web album software, but even without it, the VCW can be a very handy tool for image editing. The program has an old interface and doesn’t look visually attractive, but the tools work well and allow you to do most of what you’d need from a simple photo editor, such as cropping, drawing tools, contrast and color adjustments, effects and filters. The program also comes with a video tutorial to help you master it all.
photoshop alternatives

Picnik – an online option

Picnik is a simple but helpful online photo editor which can help you with either basic adjustments such as sharpening and red eye or more advanced filters under the “create button”, which opens options for features such as text and color effects and many of the same filters you can find on Photoshop. It is not designed for layered editing or advanced manipulation of images, but it does a very good job with one click pre-set adjustments.
free alternatives to adobe photoshop
As with most programs, there are probably more options than you imagine, and th examples above are just a sample of what is available online to substitute commercial software. Finding the program that can do what you want or need it to do can sometimes mean finding a program with simpler features, but that does those things well. On the other hand, if you want flexibility and control over all the aspects of your image editing, you can also find options above that will give you tools to fulfill all of your needs.
Do you use any of the free alternatives to Adobe Photoshop listed above? Have you compared any of them to Photoshop for particular tasks? Tell us your thoughts.