Monday, January 28, 2013

Semiotic differences created by removing meaning-heavy visual elements from a picture


This item comes from a free picture editor in which I detected that the sign to be removed was the Sign of the Cross, probably from a foto of the sealed-in-door of a monk's crypt  — Albert Gedraitis

We tested the service with busy photos filled with distractions that we wanted removed, we tried it with simple images, removing just one element, we tried it with black and white photos and color, and in all situations, it was able to successfully remove the parts of the image we didn’t want. An example can be seen below. Before putting the image in WebInPaint it looked like this:
free photo editors
And after removing one element from the photo, this is what it looked like:
[Notice the anti-Christian religious prejudice in removing a Sign of the Cross from what's probably a monastic encrypted to tomb!  AG]
free photo editors

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