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Index for refWrite blogsystem, January 15,2k13

Index for refWrite blogsystem, Jan15,2k13

refWrite Frontpage (refWrite-experimental):  featuring hot news on politics (Politicarp), economics (EconoMix), juridics (Lawt) -- usually articles selected from the 24/7 cycle, and often responded to, or analyzed in detail, or commented upon, with verve … latest International Arbitration: As part of globalization, international law is being transformed and enriched, but poses new problems for legal scholars and Alinskeets target Wal-Mart and the Bangladesh factory fires to build American union and EnviroChina: Air Pollution astronomical: If you're in Beijing, you're not breathing well, sad to say and Gun control after another massacre: Alan Keyes provides a cautionary analysis

refWrite page 2 (refWrite...page2 rW2:  pisteutics, Christianity/ies, other faiths worldwide, morals, moralities, moral communities, moralviews, mores, ethics (a science and a modal science that pertains to intimate unions, marriage, family, friendship, and even the moral qualifying factor of labour unions), education and formation (including spiritual formation), psychotherapy, science/s including natural sciences (Owlb) latest New council of churches in Egypt to face Islamists and 450th anniversary of Heidelberg Catechism and 'Allah' a good translation in Muslim cultures for 'God'? and Jon Levenson thinks re different Abrahams in Judaism/s, Christianity/ies, and Islam/s and Jewish conversion to Christ: Isaac da Costa


refWrite Backpage (refWrite backpage) arts, music (Musikos, Country Gal and others), sports (Sportikos), technics (Technowlb) -- includes entertainment, movies (Movie-Man), satire and humour (Saturikos) -- and other newspotters, analysts, and columnists latest  Rafael Nadal will try to move past his injuries iin new pursuit of tennis championship and Fabulous solo dance in airport and  Bureucracies both commercial and governmental mess up InfoTech and National Hockey League's Toronto Maple Leafs kick off season Jan 20.

refWrite refBlogger Insert (refWrite refBloggers Insert) anti-censorship by govts, Google, Facebook, Pinterest, and the usual culprits; news and advocacy on behalf of freedom of speech, freedom of news media, freedom of artistic and other expression including the key hub-freedom of religion and inter-religions dialogue (insert this page in your own blog!) latest Readers, bloggers, celebrities defend Chinese newspaper against govt censors  and Prof argues for UK's new laws governing newspapers and investigative journos and China fines Apple for re-sale of e-books by Chinese authors and Myanmar/Burma removes censorship (in theory)

refWrite Calendar (January 2013 anno domini): a series of monthly blog entries, page by page, month by month, choose a month and scrolldown in the month you are interested in, at the moment -- events among reformational community and friends worldwide, also Business & Human Rights events, sports events now and longterm, some entertainment events, some tech events, and lots more ….latest January and February — sports (esp football/soccer], scholarly conferences [Kuyper, Heidelbert, Brit youth, Brazil Christian sport, business & human rights] 


refWrite page 8 Christian Labour Advocate :  latest  South African columnist contributes to background regarding Lonmin labour crisis, where hardrock drillers took up arms against police and were massacred and Forced labour in China's penal camp gets outed by inmate in box of Hallowe'en decoration bawt in Portland, Oregon, USA and Tunisia narrowly averts first general strike by main body of unions which are now at the forefront of critique and opposition to anti-democratic tendencies.

refWrite page 9 Books mostly rW9 -- many titles arranged according to blog-entires by topic or news developments. I keep including new blog entries on new topics and book lists proffered from others -- includes  some fiction, some poem books, lots of theology, needs more balance.  we will add basic titles for Talmud (Neusner), Mishna (Neusner), and Philo of Alexandria aka Philo Judaeus (circa 25 BC- 47 AD), the Jewish philosopher who inter-acted with Hellenistic Greek-based culture, before the time of Jesus and during Jesus' life before the Cruicifixion, Descent, Resurrection, and Ascension (see a virulent anti-Christian try to use Philo against Christians, just as some Christians tried to enlist the Alexandrian in support of our faith in Jesus Christ. Also, a book on the Great Library of Alexandria, and some tie-in titles with Hellenism and its hegemony culturally before the time of Jesus and his Apostle to Hellenists, Saul of Tarsus aka Paul.  On Paul, I especially recommend Sylvia Keesmaat's book, Paul and His Story: (Re)Interpreting the Exodus Tradition, but balance Paul's treatment of Abraham (the interpreters make it a key replacement-theology text) with Jon Levenson's 2011 Abraham between Torah and Gospel (new); look also for this guy's critique of Abrahamism in current streams of inter-faith dialogue.  Keesmaat's volume is reviewed here (2001) by Brad Eastman who isn't interested in the fact that Paul relies on the Septuagint, not directly on the Hebrew Bible in recalling powerfully the exodus story to his Roman readers (Greek and Latin speaking), Jews and Gentiles in the synogogues in Rome.  A new Economics topical page has been (barely) started.  And I still want to beef up a Hellenistics page with reference to Toynbe and more deeply Werner Jaeger's Paideia (I've read the entire three volumes, as Prof Evan Runner recommended we do).  (8-) 


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