Monday, December 03, 2012

Technics: Stewart Baker: Major source on China's cyberespionage presents an important intro to his perspective

Hold on, the top foto is not porn!  It's evidence of a cyber-espionage attack.  That's what the author, Stewart Baker, has to tell us about the cyber war conducted by China against the USA.  Mr. Baker is a former government official now practicing law.  This blog-entry from his Skating on Stilts blog is the predecessor article to the "gottcha" piece already entered on refWrite page 4 today.  Please read both of these very important articulations of what Baker sees as an imminent threat, not just to the USA's govt and business firms, but also to any of its institutions that, for any reason, become subject to China's apparent  hack attacks.  And, remember, what China is now largely aiming in the direction of the USA coud as easily be aimed at other countries, large and small, upon which it has designs.  I'm thinking of Taiwan, the Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand and others.  But also Russia, Germany, France.  China has the advantage, indeed the hegemony, worldwide now in cyberespionage.

-- Technowlb, refWrite Backpage technics newspotter, analyst, and columnist

Skating on Stilts (Oct 07,2k12)

by Stewart Baker


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