Sunday, December 23, 2012

Sports: Philly has a catastrophic day: In pro football, Philly's Eagles fall to Washington Redskins; in pro basketball, Philly's 76ers squeezed out by Brooklyn Nets

So what's gonna happen to Quarterback Nick Foles, the rookie who's considered iffy by the power/s that be ... they've had enuff time and observation to decide on the lad's status.  Can he survive today's "hard luck" (is there such a thing in pro football?) and will he come back next week as starting QB?

Sportikos, refWrite Backpage sports newspotter analyst columnist

"The Eagles can't let the surrounding talent in Foles' last six games and in next week's season finale against the New York Giants cloud their decision on whether to forge ahead with the rookie or not.

They have to look at both the good and bad - and there was plenty of both in Sunday's 27-20 loss to the Redskins - and decide if Foles is a franchise quarterback. That may sound like a hyperbolic statement to make, but the Eagles are in the position to make such a choice because they will be starting over from the bottom," says Jeff McLane of the Philadelphia Inquirer, yesterday after the game Dec23,2k12, 9:10 PM.


    The Eagles should be able to make an honest evaluation 
    on whether Nick Foles will be their starting quarterback 
    next season. (Yong Kim/Staff Photographer)

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