Monday, December 31, 2012

Music: Ulster band: Flogging Molly, "The Devil's Dancefloor"

I've been playing slower and more low-ley and meditative pop music all nite on Serendip as their DJs offered stuff I thawt I might like, and I did like most of it too, but there was one Nirvana song (I had never heard them before, at least never listened, and I had heard they were fairly nawty, but I decided to try them out ... and I was shocked by what I heard ... of course, rockers don't necessarily have the best English pronunciation and I wasn't sure I had actually heard what I thawt I had ....

But in other musings on the Internet before it hits Midnite here in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, I happened on this performance recommended by Jonathan Muñoz Vásquez, a seminary director in Chile.  I'm not sure they even know what "Flogging Molly" means .... (8-).  Any way, freely expressing international Christian solidarity, here is the band so named playing in its usual lively style, a song performance of "The Devil's Dancefloor" ...

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But let's take on another of FM's peformances recommended by Jonathan.

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