Monday, December 12, 2011

Music: Guitarless band: A jazzy version of rock with vocals

National Public Radio USA (December 11,2k11)
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A great sound, and invigorating! You can hear them free on NPR

A lot of rock bands visit the NPR studios with maybe a fiddle or two in tow. But Miracles of Modern Science are not a typical rock band. The group boasts a mandolin, upright bass, cello, violin, drums — and absolutely no electric guitar.
Evan Younger, Josh Hirshfeld, Kieran Ledwidge, Tyler Pines and Geoff McDonald met in college, where they bonded over a shared love of jazz, rock and classical music. But even more important to their chemistry, McDonald says, is a belief that those genres can play nice together, with satisfying results.
"There's sort of a thaw in the music community now between people who play classical music, or whatever you want to call it — concert music, art music — and what we do in music clubs," says McDonald. "And that's a really great thing. You see lots of people doing imaginative things from both sides of what was [once] a divide."
Miracles of Modern Science piled into NPR's Studio 4A to speak with Weekend Edition Sundayhost Audie Cornish, and to perform songs from their debut album, Dog Year.

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