Sunday, March 04, 2012

Satire: Literary: Shakespeare lampooned in story of The Three Little Pigs

A bit of nursery rhyme cross-bred with stand-up comedy to satir+z Shakespeare.  Somewhat a farce the way this stand-up deployees his ever-so clever jokes for the intelligentsia, including me.
— Saturikos 8-)

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The Three Little Pigs

Comedian John Branyan tells the story of The Three Little Pigs as it 
would have sounded if written by Shakespeare in this hilarious 
stand-up performance. He did this so well I hope he does more
Fairy Tales as I know I could avail oneself of some of the words he used
to improve my limited vocabulary.
Big Geek Daddy (found Mar3.2k`1)
— reposted here by Saturikos, refWrite Backpage humour&satire columnist
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Hat Tip to Eleanor Abbott, abbess, Order of the Ascension, California

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