Monday, November 21, 2011

Music: Album new release: Best of Pink Floyd (Remastered) - "A Foot in the Door"


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Pink Floyd is amazing, but...

Don't get me wrong. I love Pink Floyd and every single album they have put out. But They are not meant to be listened to in a "greatest hits" type manner. Their albums are meant to be listened to as wholes and not as different single tracks. Sure the songs on here are great, but they're even better when they are with what is supposed to be around them. If you are getting into PF, this is a fine place to start though. But if you really want to get into them then get Wish You Were Here first, then DSOTM, then the Wall, then Animals. After that, choose whichever other Pink Floyd albums in any order. You will not be disappointed that way.

Missing out 
I agree with what another user posted. I love Pink Floyd and there are some great songs on here. However your missing out on the genuine experience of listening to the albums as a whole. For instance to listen to songs like"Money" and "Brain Damage" without having owned Dark Side of the Moon wouldn't be right. Albums like that need to be listened to as a whole to truly appreciate them.
The Dark Side of the Moon (Remastered), Pink Floyd

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